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The iSchools are interested in the relationship between information, people and technology. This is characterized by a commitment to learning and understanding the role of information in human endeavors. The iSchools take it as given that expertise in all forms of information is required for progress in science, business, education, and culture. This expertise must include understanding of the uses and users of information, as well as information technologies and their applications.

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Who is an iProfessional?

I help people accept the alternative

Kristin Centanni, a 2008 graduate of the School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) at Indiana University (IU), Bloomington, earned a combined master's in Information Science (IS) and Public Affairs (PA), taking coursework at both SLIS and the IU School of Public Affairs (SPA). Centanni worked in the office of both as a student.

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The iField

  • Ph.D. graduates from the iSchools take faculty positions in diverse fields including Library and Information Science, Business, Communication, Management Information Systems, Public Affairs, Education, Computer Science, Law, Health Management and Informatics, and Information Studies. Graduates also work in corporations and non-profits.
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